Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Washing of dispensing tools.

1.0   Purpose                         :  To provide a documented guideline for washing of dispensing tools.

2.0   Objective                      :  To  provide a guideline how to clean dispensing tools.

3.0   Scope                              :  Stores of --- pharmaceutical Ltd, . 

4.0   Responsibility               :

·          Cleaning         :         Workman of stores

·          Follow up       :           Officer Stores

·          Over all responsibility :  Store Incharge.

5.0   Procedure:

·    After dispensing, keep all the used tools into poly bag and affix the label “ To be Cleaned”
·        Bring the dispensing tools to the washing room.
·     Remove to be cleaned label from the poly bag containing dispensing tools
·      Remove one by one tool from the bag and clean with purified water twice. Ensure that there is no adhered material on the tool.
·        Wipe the tools using lint free dry cloth.
·        Dry the tools using hot air blower or using dry lint free cloth.
·        Place the tools in to new poly bag.
·        Affix the label “cleaned “on poly bag.
·        Shift the tools to respective area.

·        Enter the necessary entries into Tools cleaning log book

6.0      Reference documents         :

v     Format of Dispensing Tools cleaning log book

                           Dispensing Tools cleaning log book

Sr. No.
Tool  Description
Cleaned by
Checked  by

Format No. F/ST/006

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