Thursday, December 9, 2010

Receiving Liquid Raw Material in Road Tankers

1.0   Purpose       :   To provide the procedure for receiving liquid raw materials in road tankers.
2.0 Objective     : To provide documented procedure for receiving liquid raw materials in road tankers.

3.0   Scope         :  This procedure defines instructions for receiving liquid raw materials in road tankers in the stores department.

4.0   Responsibility   :

§         Primary   :  Officer – Stores

§         Secondary:   Stores   In charge/ Manager Store.

     5.0   Procedure       :

·        Receive and verify the delivery documents (DC, Performa Invoice, Central Excise Invoice, COA) and check for the Purchase Order copy for the material. The documents shall essentially consist of the following information.
Ø            Name of the material
Ø            Name of the supplier
Ø            Batch No. / Identification No.
Ø            Manufacturing date
Ø            Quantity of material including the units of measurement
Ø            Number & date of Purchase order

·        Contact the Purchase department, if PO copy for the material received is not available.
·        Check for the security inward stamp on the delivery documents and the signature of the security personnel along with the Security inward number.
·        Inform QC Dept  in writing about the arrival of tanker for tanking sample giving the following details:
Ø            Date
Ø            Time of Reporting
Ø            Name of the Product
Ø            Name of the Supplier
Ø            Name of the manufacturer
Ø            Quantity
Ø            DC / Invoice No. &  Date
·        If the sample from the tanker does not conform to the specification, inform the purchase department regarding the “REJECTION”. Return back the tanker.
·        On receipt of approval of the tanker from the QC, assign a Stores Asst. to the tanker and send it to approved public weighing bridge for taking the gross weight.
·        Instruct the tanker driver to position his vehicle near to the unloading point.
·        Inform the engineering personnel to make arrangements for connecting the delivery lines to the tanker, connect the earthing cable from the tanker outlet to the earthing point to ensure the discharge of static electricity.
·        Ensure all the safety precautions for unloading the material from the road tanker have been taken.

·        After the unloading is completed verify the compartments of the tanker by checking the individual compartments and opening the outlet valves completely.
·        Assign a store asst. and send the tanker for weighing to the weight bridge.
·        On receipt of the weight of the empty tanker compute the net weight of the material transferred.  Check against the delivery documents and compute the difference if any.
·        Enter in the raw material inward register including the actual content of the material transferred.
·        Sign for received on the delivery documents and retain the original copy.
·        Return the duplicate copy to the driver and mention deviations observed for suppliers’ reference.
·        Prepare the GRN and forward the same to the QC Dept for analysis of composite from the storage tank.
·        On receipt of report from QC, forward copy of the GRN to Accounts and   Purchase department.

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