Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Balance Calibration

0   Purpose                         :    To provide a documented procedure to calibrate Balance – Balance No.

     2.0   Objective                      :   To  provide a guideline how to  how and when to calibrate balance used  in
                                                        Stores department.

     3.0   Scope                            :   Calibration of balance  in Stores department  of  ----Pharmaceutical
                                                  Ltd, .

  4 4.0    Responsibility             :

§                      Follow up  :  Officer – Stores

§                      Over all responsibility :   Stores   Incharge         

5.0    Procedure.                :

·                      Routine Calibration
Ø            Switch on the balance
Ø                  Warm-up the balance for about 10 seconds
Ø             Place the weight of 30kgs, 50kgs, 100 kgs and 130 kgs note down the readings in                                      calibration register.
Ø             If the readings are out of limits, inform to Engineering department for adjusting                    the balance.

Serial No.


Standard Limit


30.0 kgs

29.980 kgs – 30.020 kgs


50.0 kgs

49.980 kgs –50.020 kgs


100.0 kgs

99.980 kgs    -  100.020 kgs


130.0 kgs

129.980 kgs   -  130.020kgs

Calibration Frequency :  Daily Before use

  • Full scale calibration 
Ø           Switch on the balance
Ø           Warm-up the balance for about 10 seconds

Ø           Place the weight as mentioned in the following table and note down the readings in             calibration register.
Ø           If the readings are out of standard limits, inform to Engineering department fo

Calibration Frequency:  Once in a month.

6.0   Reference documents  :
v     Balance Calibration 

                Month :                                                                           Balance ID.

Time of
Difference value.
Calibrated by
Checked by

Format No. F/ST/001

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