Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Operation of Fire Extinguisher

1.0   Purpose    :       To provide a documented procedure for Operation of Fire Extinguisher.
2.0   Objective  :       Operation of Fire Extinguisher
3.0  Scope  :   This SOP is applicable for Operation of Fire Extinguisher. at ----Pharmaceuticals   Ltd, 

4.0     Responsibility  :
·        Primary: Technician Engineering
·        Secondary: Manager Engineering

5.0    Procedure :
·        Foam Type Fire Extinguisher:
Ø      It should be used for fires involving solvents, oils, greases, fats, charcoals etc.
Ø      As these articles being lighter than water, will float on water and are likely to splash burning liquids on all sides.

·        CO2 Gas Type Fire Extinguisher:
Ø       This type of extinguisher can also be used for fires involving inflammable liquids such as solvents, oils, greases etc.
Ø      The only difference between foam type and CO2 type fire extinguishers must always be used in the event of an electrical fire.

·        Dry Chemical powder (DCP Type Extinguisher):
Ø       These are recommended mainly for tackling petroleum/solvents fires.
Ø         However they are suitable for gas fires


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