Monday, December 6, 2010

First Aid

1.0   Purpose                         :  To provide a documented guideline  for the first aid treatment
   in case of any accident.

2.0   Objective                      :   To provide a first aid treatment. 

3.0   Scope                            :   Employees / Visitors / workmen of agencies of ----             pharmaceutical Ltd, 
4.0   Responsibility             :

  • Follow up                       :  Officer Personnel & Administration
  • Over all responsibility     :  General Manager (Adm).

5.0    Procedure                  :
·  Training           

Ø      First aid training shall be given to selected employees of each department.
Ø      Detail training of the first aid shall be given to some employees of the company.
Ø      The list is as follows and shall be available in each department for easy reach out
      during emergency.

                                List of trained employees
Serial No.
  Name of Trained

Format No. F/PA/001

·                The first aid box shall be numbered and   located at identified and marked 
                 positions  as following –

                                Locations of first aid box

Serial No.
First aid box number

Location of First aid Box

Format No. F/PA/002

·        Each first aid box shall contain following -

Contents of first aid box

Serial No.

First Aid box Contents


Format No. F/PA/003

·        Every Monday from Personnel department personnel or General Manager (Adm) shall 
                Review the contents of first aid box and shall replenish the required item. The   
                 Record of review shall be kept.

6.0    Reference documents 
v     List of trained employees
v     Locations of first aid box
v     Contents of first aid box
v     Review of first aid box

·        First aid box no ----------------

Review of first aid box
Contents checked
OK/not OK
Reason for
to QA.

Format No. F/PA/004

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