Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cleaning of sampling area.

1.0   Purpose                              : To provide a documented guideline for cleaning of sampling area.   

2.0   Objective                        : To provide a guide line how and when to clean the sampling area.

3.0   Scope                              :  Cleaning of sampling area in stores department.

4.0   Responsibility               :
§               Cleaning       : Work man

§               Follow up     :  Officer – Stores

§               Over all responsibility  :  Store Incharge       

5.0   Procedure                         :

§                Floor

Ø                   Clean the floor using detergent solution after using disinfectant solution use. And 
             Using lint free cloth.

Ø                   If the sampling area is not in use then clean the floor once in a day using
             detergent after using with lint free cloth.

§               Walls

If the dispensing area is not in use then clean the walls once
             In a day using Detergent after using disinfectant solutions and with lint free cloth.

§               Door

Ø                   Clean the door  using detergent after using disinfectant solution and mop with
             Using lint free cloth. If the  Sampling area is not in use then clean the door once
              In a day using same procedure.

§               Weighing balance

Ø                   Clean the surface of balance with slightly wet lint free cloth. 

§               Labeling

Ø                   After completion of cleaning, affix the “cleaned “label on equipment / area. 

Frequency: Once in a day and whenever before starting the Batch.

Detergent / Disinfectant



  0.6 %  Detergent solution



0.5 %  Disinfectant solution



0.5 %  Disinfectant solution

6.0      Reference documents               :    
v     Cleaning of Sampling Area.

Sr No.
   Cleaning details
Cleaning time
Cleaned by
Checked by



Format No.F/ST/005

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