Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cleaning Of Cooling Coil

1.0  Purpose     :       To provide a documented procedure for Cleaning of Cooling Coil.
2.0   Objective  :       Cleaning of Cooling Coil.
3.0    Scope     :   This SOP is applicable for Cleaning of Cooling Coil.at ---Pharmaceuticals Ltd, .

4.0     Responsibility  :
·        Primary: Technician Engineering
·        Secondary: Manager Engineering

5.0    Procedure :
·        Remove main supply fuse & affix label to “DO NOT START, MACHINE UNDER CLEANING”.

·        Switch ‘OFF’ Air Handling Unit fan & chilled water valves.

·        Remove filters from Air Handling Unit.

·        Spray decaling chemical by pump on fins of cooling coil on both sides.

·        Clean cooling coil fins by water jet at 30 Ib/in2 from both sides.

·        Check for satisfactory cleaning by looking through fins at light source at other side of coil.

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