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1.0   Purpose                 : To describe procedure for receipt and dispatch of finished goods.

2.0   Objective             :  It is applicable for receipt of finished goods from plant storage and dispatch to respective Customers.
3.0   Scope                    :  Receipt and Dispatch  of finished good from ---Pharmaceutical Ltd.
4.0      Responsibility    :           
·                Primary :          Chemist- Store
·                Secondary :      Officer Stores
·                Over All Responsibility: Store Incharge.
5.0   Procedure.         :

·                Receipt of Finished Good and Storage.

Ø                       Finished goods storage and dispatch requires a procedure so as not to miss any procedural point.

Ø                   Dispatch Labels and seals are required.

Ø                   Production department shall transfer finished goods against material transfer note. (M.T.N.)

Ø                   Each M.T.N. shall contain the following information’ Sr No, Date, Product Name,
     Stage No., Batch No., AR No., No of Containers, Pack Size, Total Quantity and Issue Sign with date.

Ø                   The material that to be transferred should bear Proper Label furnished with all information and it must be affixed with Approved Label authorized by Quality Control Department.

Ø                   Store-keeper shall check the labels on each drum/s or boxes.

Ø                   After checking the above said information finished goods shall be stacked lot wise/batch wise in the respective room.

Ø                   Total MTN received during the day shall be entered into the computer for the purpose of updating the data.

·                Dispatch of finished goods.

Ø              Marketing department shall send dispatch advice for each product to dispatch section. This is under store dept.

Ø              Dispatch advice shall be controlled by marketing department.

Ø              Batch Manufacturing Record shall be submitted to Q.A. department before dispatch

Ø              Following information shall be available on the dispatch advice.
o       Commercial invoice
o       Name of the party
o       Product Name, quantity, Batch No, Mfg Date, Exp Date, Analysis Date
o        Certificate of Analysis.

·        Preparation of invoice / stock transfer note:

Ø      On the basis of the schedule given on the dispatch advice or informed by the marketing department separately by FAX / email, dispatch section shall take the following steps on the dispatch day.

Ø      Select the lot no. or batch no. of the said product as First in First out Basis or as per requirement of marketing department.

Ø      To arrange transportation.

Ø      Tax / Retail invoice / final shall be prepared on the computer or manually.

Ø      Total information required through dispatch advice shall be incorporated in the Invoice / Stock Transfer Note.

Ø      Whatever stock is transferred for dispatch make entry in register.

Ø      Prepare four invoice copies, one copy to buyer, second copy to duplicate cenvat /  / Excise,  third copy to office use and fourth copy to extra.  For the other purpose like transportation and other photocopies of invoice are used.
Ø      Store-keeper will do this work under inspection of authorized person.

         Frequency:         When finished goods are dispatched

6.0    References Document  :           

v     Finished product Transfer Note
v     Stock Register
v     Dispatch Register

To: Store Department
From Production Department
Kindle Receive the following material.
Product Name: ___________________________________              Stage: _________________
Batch No.: ____________________________                A.R. No.: _________________________
Total Qty: _______________Kg               Total No. Of Containers : __________of __________

Cont. No

Qty. Kg

  Format No- F/ST/002
Transferred By

Received By:

Checked By:


Stock Register. of finished product.

Following details should be mention in Stock Register.                                  Format No. F/ST/003
a)      Sr. No.
b)      Date
c)      Opening stock.   Loose Qty, Packed Qty., Rejected Qty.,
d)      Receipt Qty     →   Slip No., Batch No., Loose Qty.,
e)      Total                 →    Loose Qty. Packed Qty. Rejected Qty.,
f)        Dispatch          →   D.C No., party Name,  Drum No, Batch No,Dispetch Qty,
g)      Closing Balance. →  Loose Qty, Packed Qty., Rejected Qty.,

Dispatch Register.

Dispatch Register. Content.
Sr No. ,   INV No. , Date, Product, Qty. , Party Name, Rate, Value, Excise, Edcess, S&H Cass, B/R, Total, Batch No, Drum No., Transporter.

Format No. F/ST/004

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