Monday, December 6, 2010

Receipt of COA from QC

1.0      Purpose   :        To   provide a documented procedure for receipt of COA from Q.C.

2.0      Objective  :      To provide a guide line on receipt of COA from Q.C.

3.0       Scope   :             Procedure for receipt of COA from Q.C to Production Department.

4.0     Responsibility   :
·         Primary:   Production chemist.
·         Secondary:   Production Officer.

5.0    Procedure :
·          On receipt of certificate of Analysis from Q.C. for finished goods.

    • Finished  goods store is intimated along with copy of C.O.A that  the material kept in
       Quarantine is “passed “by Q.C.

·        On receipt of COA of finish goods, the store will remove F.G. from Quarantine area to F.G. store with A.R. No. and label it as “APPROVED”.

·        Waiting for dispatch order from H.O. till then it is to be store with proper condition into F.G. store.

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