Monday, December 6, 2010

Handling Of Hazardous Chemicals and Solvents

1.0          Purpose  :     To provide a documented procedure for handling of hazardous chemicals and    Solvents

2.0      Objective   :   To provide a handling of hazardous chemicals and solvents

3.0          Scope        :          Procedure handling of hazardous chemicals and solvents

4.0      Responsibility   :
·     Primary:   Production chemist.
·     Secondary:   Production Officer.

5.0     Procedure   :

·        While handling of chemicals and solvents first check, container is approved from Q.C. and label as “Approved”.

·        While handling of chemicals and solvents like,

Ø      Sulphuric Acid
Ø      Nitric Acid
Ø      Sodium metal.
Ø      Lithium aluminium hydride.
Ø      Methyl vinyl ketone.
Ø      Sulphuric acid.
Ø      Hydrochloric acid.
Ø      Methylene chloride.
Ø      Liq. Ammonia .
Ø      Acetic anhydride.
Ø      Formic acid
Ø      Thionyl chloride etc.

The person should be taken maximum precautions during the handling.

·        While Opening the solvents /chemicals container first release the pressure from the container/drum.
·        While handling of container/drum apply earthling clip to container properly.

·        Hazardous chemicals should be handled in presence of chemist or any responsible person.

·        During the handling of concentrated acids or alkalis always wearied,      

Ø      Safety hand gloves.
Ø      Goggles.
Ø      Face shield.
Ø      Safety shoes.

·        Organic solvent should be kept away from fire and avoid contact with skin.

·        All the fuming materials should be opened under fuming chamber which is having sufficient exhaust and ventilation. While handling hazardous solvents or chemicals, proper precaution should be taken i.e. safety hand gloves, safety goggles, face shield should be wearied.
·        As a precautions strictly follow the manufacturers instruction mentioned on the label.

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