Monday, December 6, 2010

Correction of wrong entry in BMR

1.0   Purpose         :  To provide procedure for correction of wrong entries in BMR.

2.0   Objective      :   To provide a documented procedure for correction of wrong entries in BMR.

3.0   Scope            :  This procedure is to assign the responsibility in production department for correcting the wrong entries in BMR.

4.0   Responsibility   :
§               Primary         :   Officer Production
§               Secondary     :    Executive Production

5.0      Procedure  :
Ø            Avoid wrong entries in BMR.
Ø            Make corrections if necessary by putting a straight line across the wrong entry. So that it is clearly visible.
Ø            Write the correct figure/text near the wrong entry.
Ø            Put your signature or initial along with date near the correction.

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