Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Coding of Areas in Finished good stores.

1.0    Purpose                           :  To provide a documented list of coding of areas in F G Stores.

2.0   Objective                          : To identify the area by its assigned code for easy functioning
                                                    of FG stores.                                               

3.0   Scope                               :  Stores of ---- pharmaceutical ltd.

4.0   Responsibility                 :
·    Follow up          :   Officer - Stores
·    Over all responsibility    :   Store incharge.    

5.0   Procedure                       :

·    F. G. store area has been marked in order to provide specific location to each category of
                  Products Such coding helps in segregation of goods.

·    Segregation makes it easy to tally software accounted quantities with physical stock.
·    This area shall be coded by (Marked by) different colour.
                    ·    Segregation of stores area and its description


 Code (Colour.)
Quarantine area
Approved area.

Rejected / Returned goods area



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