Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Destruction of Finished goods

1.0   Purpose                           :  To provide a documented procedure to establish the procedure for the
Authorization and destruction of expired finished goods in order to   avoid misuse or mix up.

2.0   Objective                        :  To provide a guideline on activities to be carried out on expired goods
                                                                            Prior to and during destruction.

3.0   Scope                              :  Destruction of finished good of ---pharmaceutical Ltd,

4.0   Responsibility               :

·         Production Dept
·         Store Incharge.
·         Quality Assurance


      5.0   Procedure                       :

·        To intimate destruction of expired Finished Product as per defined procedure.
·        To supervise the destruction activity.
·        To organize the destruction
·        To prepare report regarding destruction.
·        To keep record of the disposed expired finished goods.
·        To check and ensure Excise formalities.
·        Intimation
Ø             Transfer expired finished goods to the scrap yard.
Ø             Intimate the destruction of expired goods by filling Material Destruction
                         Approval form
Ø             Get the approval from Q.A. Department.
Ø             Get the authorization from General Manager.
Ø             Destroy the expired goods in presence of QA person.
Ø             After destruction send a copy of destruction note to Account Depts. For

·        Destruction     
Ø             Finished products should be destroyed after 6 months from the date of expiry
                        of product.
Ø             Check the Batch No. of products which are to be destroyed.
Ø             Take out all expired / rejected finished goods in a separate polythene bag.
Ø             Label the polythene bag as “Expired / Rejected” samples.
Ø             Destroy the finished products as per defined procedure.
Ø             Document the details of destruction and make the cross reference in the Finished
                         Goods register.

·        Procedure
Ø             Separate the product (primary packing) from its packing
Ø             Product compactable with water Dissolved  or suspend, contents of the product
                        in a container with water.
Ø             Pass the suspended contents into drain and flush with sufficient water.
Ø             Packing materials used in the product like – labels, cartons, leaflets should be
                        Passed through shredder.
Ø             Jars should be passed through crusher.
Ø             Collect the shredding in a polybag or a corrugated box and dispose the same
                       To GIDC dustbin.



To,                                                                                                                   Date:
The General Manager,
----  Established

We seek your authorization for destruction of the following products.

 Q.A Signature

Format No. F/ST/008

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