Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Procedure on common Deviations in FG Stores.

1.0    Purpose                         :  To provide a documented procedure on common deviations in
   F G Stores.    

2.0   Objective                        :  To provide guidelines on different types of deviations and reporting to             concerned authorized persons about the deviation.
3.0   Scope                               :  F G Stores ----Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

4.0   Responsibility               :

·        Follow up                   :  Officer – Stores

·        Over all responsibility  :  Store Incharge. 

5.0   Procedure                      :

·      Following are the common deviations in F.G store.

·        Dispatch schedule was not met

·        Full ordered quantity was not dispatched

·        Storage conditions are not maintained properly.

·        Gross and Net Weight of shipper found less.

·        Batch mix up or Product mix up during dispatch

·        Requisite documents were not supplied with consignment.

·        Mode of transport is different.

·        Type of deviations & reporting

Sr. No.

  Type of Deviation

Reporting for
corrective &
preventive action

 Final Reporting to


Partial dispatch

Q.A. Officer
Stores Officer 

General  Manager


Goods not dispatched in time

Q.A. Officer
Stores Officer 

 General Manager


Storage condition failure

Q.A. Officer
Engineering In charge

General Manager


Errors in dispatch Procedure
(batch mix up / qty not
matching / product mix up)

Q. A. Officer
Production Manager

General Manager


Dispatch note  not received
From HO

Q.A. Officer

Purchase department


Required documents not
sent with consignment

Q.A. Officer

Export Dept,

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