Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Closing of Raw Material Stores.

1.0   Purpose                             :  To provide a documented guideline to close the Raw Material Stores.

2.0   Objective                        :  To provide a guideline what activities shall be carried out before
                                                   closing the Stores

3.0   Scope                              :  Stores of ----pharmaceutical Ltd, 

4.0   Responsibility               :

·      Follow up           :         Officer Stores

·       Over all responsibility  : Store Incharge

5.0   Procedure                       :

·      Confirm that rejected material area is locked.

·      Confirm that all equipment, instrument is off.

·      Confirm that all plug points are caped properly.

·      Switch off the lights.

·      Place the key in keyboard in the stores office.

·      Lock the main door.

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