Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Handling Expired Raw Material.

1.0    Purpose                          :  To provide a documented procedure  to handle raw material whose
                                                   validity is expired (shelf life if over )

2.0   Objective                        :  To provide a documented guide how to handle raw material whose
                                                   Validity is expired i.e. shelf life is over.

3.0   Scope                              :  Stores department ---Pharmaceuticals Ltd.  

4.0   Responsibility               :

·        Follow up       :  Officer - Stores

·        Over all responsibility   : Store Incharge.     

5.0   Procedure                     :

·        Stores shall generate the list of raw materials from the Inward whose shelf life is
       expiring after One months.

·       Stores shall forward this list to Q.A, General Manager and H.O.

·       If the material is not used during this six months and its validity expires, shift the
                 material to Rejected area.

·       Raise a material destruction note as per sop for destruction.

·       Once destruction is approved by QA, stores shall carry out destruction of raw material
                  as per SOP for destruction.

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