Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dispensing of Packing Material

1.0   Purpose                          :   To provide a documented procedure for dispensing of packing

2.0   Objective                      :   To provide guidelines on how to issue the required packing
                                                    material to the production.

3.0   Scope                            :  Dispensing of Packing material -----Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

4.0   Responsibility              :

§         Dispensing   :  Officer – Stores

§         Over all responsibility :   Stores   In charge

§         Supervisor for dispensing – Officer QA/production         

5.0   Procedure                :

§           Receive the packing material issue requisition and record the serial number, material
      code and date of receipt. Check for the entries in all the columns viz. Dept, Batch Size.,                           Batch No. and signatures for requisite by and authorizes by. If any of these columns is missing, return the requisition to production.

§            Check the materials in “Under Test” status. If the material requisitioned is present in
  Under Test” status, inform the Manager – Production and Asst Manager – QC regarding                         the same. Hold the issue of the other materials till the material is approved by QC.

·          On receipt of. packing material issue requisition officer stores shall inform to Q.A. personnel for dispensing activities. Dispensing activities shall be carried out in presence of Q.A. personnel only.

·         Check the packing material requisition to confirm the Name of packing Material, Item

·        Code of packing material, and Quantity to be dispensed.

·   Open the pack of packing material requisition carefully and dispense one by one packing material in  sequence as mentioned in of packing material requisition

·   material requisition will be made two copy. one copy will be kept in store department and duplicate copy attach with B.P.R.

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