Thursday, December 2, 2010

Transfer of Finished Products to Stores

1.0    Purpose     :      To provide a documented procedure for transfer of finished products to stores.

2.0      Objective  :      To provide a guide line for Transfer of finished products to stores with proper
          Product label and Q.C approved label.

3.0    Scope    :  Transfer of finished products to stores of ----Pharmaceutical Ltd, -

4.0   Responsibility  :
·           Primary : Production Chemist.
·           Secondary : Production Officer.
5.0  Procedure:
·          Safety Precaution :
Ø       Wear the necessary safety devices during working.
Ø       Wear clean & tidy uniform.
Ø       Wear protective mask, hand gloves etc. as per work requirement.
Ø       Wear safety shoes and helmets.
·             Operation:
Ø       After manufacturing of finished Goods, finished Goods sent to stores with transfer
Ø       While handling of finished product, following have to be noted
o          Product Name
o          Product code
o          Batch No.
o          Quantity with number of containers
o          Packing details
o          COA copy
o          Manufacturing Date
o          Expiry date

Ø            Send transfer note to finished product stores.
Ø            Q.C. affix status label as “APPORVED”. after meets the entire test, Q.C. release the finished product with COA.
Ø            Transfer the Finished Product from the Finished Product approved area to stores.
Ø            Stores person checks the container for any damages seal no., seal condition and weight of the individual container with affixed product label in presence of production officer.
Ø            Stores department returns copy to production department after acceptance of finished product
Ø            Attach returned  copy with BMR.
Submission of product BMR to Q.A department

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