Monday, November 29, 2010

Handling of Hazardous, Inflammable and Corrosive Chemicals

1.0      Purpose  :   To provide an instruction for handling of hazardous, inflammable and corrosive

2.0    Objective  :   To provide a documented procedure for handling of hazardous, inflammable and corrosive chemicals.

3.0     Scope        :     This procedure is applicable for washing of handling of hazardous, inflammable and corrosive chemicals in QC Department --- Pharmaceuticals Ltd, 

4.0   Responsibility   :
·       Primary      :    QC Chemist / QC-Officer
·       Secondary  :     Overall: QC – In charge

5.0  Procedure      :
·        The person should be taken maximum precautions, while handling of solvents & chemicals like Hydrochloric acid, Sulphuric acid, potassium cyanide Ammonia, Nitric acid etc.
·        Such chemicals should be handled in the presence of chemist or any responsible person.
·        Safety gloves & goggle should be put on during the handling of concentrated acids or alkalis & any fuming or materials having higher vapor pressure.
·        Organic solvents should be kept away from fire and avoid contact with skin.
·        All the fuming materials should be opened in fuming chamber, which is having sufficient exhaust & ventilation. While handling proper precaution should be taken i.e. safety gloves, safety goggles etc. should be put on.
·        As a precaution strictly follow the manufactures instruction mentioned on the label.

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