Thursday, December 2, 2010

Operation and Cleaning of Rotary Dryer.

1.0  Purpose      :     To provide a documented procedure for operation, cleaning of Rotary Dryer.

2.0         Objective   :    This SOP provide guideline of Cleaning and  Operation of  Rotary Dryer
3.0          Scope    :   This SOP is applicable for operation, cleaning of Rotacone  Dryer for ---- pharmaceutical Ltd.

4.0         Responsibility  :
·         Primary : Production Chemist.
·         Secondary : Production Officer.

5.0     Procedure:
·          Operation:
Ø            Ensure that the dryer  are dry and clean.

Ø            Affix proper product label to the Dryer.

Ø            Load the powder in the dryer with S.S. scoop.
Ø            After completion of loading, close the valve  dryer properly.

Ø            Steam valve closed.

Ø            Charge wet cake approx 300 to 400 kg by Charging hole.

Ø            Start rotation of moving shaft.

Ø            Start heating by steam.

Ø            Maintain temp 80˚ to 100˚C for 4 to 6 Hour.

Ø            Cool to 40˚C

Ø            Unload material in bag.

Ø            Affix to Be Cleaned label in dryer.

·        Cleaning of  Tray Dryer  :

Ø            Switch ‘OFF’ the main switch of the dryer.

Ø            Ensure that the dried material is removed from dryer before starting the cleaning.

Ø            Clean the dryer with nylon scrubber, clean it with sufficient quantity of potable water.

Ø            Finally rinse the dryer with purified water and after using Methanol quantity mention in ECR.

Ø            Clean all parts with the help of dry and clean cotton duster.

Ø            Clean the electrical panel and steam line with dry cotton duster. trays in dryer for dr after affix the Cleaned Label.


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  2. Thanks for sharing this thorough guide for operation and how to clean your rotary dryer.


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