Thursday, December 2, 2010

Record Of Solvent Receipt, Usage & Recovery In Plant

1.0     Purpose    :       To provide a documented procedure for record of solvent receipt, usage &
   Recovery in plant

2.0    Objective   :     To keep proper record of solvent receipt usage & recovery in the for better
          Inventory control in production plant.

3.0       Scope      :      In plant record of solvent receipt, usage & recovery record.

4.0  Responsibility   :

·           Primary: Production chemist.
·           Secondary: Production Officer.

5.0  Procedure  :
·          To provide updated daily record  of solvent receipt from stores with
                  A. R. No. to production.

·          Solvent usages record for production with details of B. No. & quantity.

·          Record of solvent recovery is maintained which provides us ready data for stock of
                  recovered solvent in the plant.

·          Recovery in plant is recorded as per this SOP

·           Stock of recovered solvent is transferred to RM stores as per this SOP                

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