Thursday, December 2, 2010

Operation and Cleaning of Fluid Bed Dryer.

1.0    Purpose         :  To provide a documented procedure for operation, cleaning of FBD.

2.0       Objective     :   To provide a guide line for safe operation, cleaning of  FBD.
3.0       Scope           :   This SOP is applicable for operation, cleaning of FBD.

4.0       Responsibility     :

·            Primary: Production chemist.
·          Secondary : Production officer.

5.0    Procedure  :
·           Operation:
Ø       Check that FBD bowl sieve is intact and cleaned.
Ø        Fix the required product FBD bag to the FBD.
Ø         Check that FBD bag is fitted properly.
Ø         Unload the wet mass to be dried in FBD Bowl.
Ø            Fix the FBD bowl in FBD and set parameters like inlet, outlet                                  temperature,  drying time. 
Ø            After completion of drying takeout the FBD bowl and transfer for the further processing as specified in BMR.
Ø            After completion of drying activity remove the product status label and affix To Be Cleaned label to the FBD.
·           Cleaning of  the FBD:
Ø     Shake the FBD Bag using manually for remove the accumulated powder.     
Ø     Remove the FBD Bag, transfer to the wash area for cleaning. 
Ø    Wash the FBD bowl, retarding chamber, FBD bag with running potable water.
Ø     Clean the FBD bag, Bowl and retarding chamber with nylon scrubber.
Ø     Liquid soap solution to remove the adhered material of previous product.
Ø     Wash the above parts with potable water to remove the traces of liquid soap solution and after wash with methanol.
Ø     Clean the outer surface of FBD with sufficient quantity of potable water.
Ø      Clean the platform, surrounding area with sufficient quantity of potable water.
Ø      Clean the internal surface of FBD with wet duster to remove the powder of previous product.
Ø      Clean the panel board, steam line, compressed air line with wet cloth to remove 
                                         accumulated powder.
Ø       Clean and dry the surrounding area.
Ø         After affix the label CLEANED to the FBD.

          General conditions & precautions for operation:
                     Ensure that machine is neat &  cleaned.
                     Ensure that timer is working properly.
                     Wear the nose mask and hand gloves while working in manufacturing area.
                     Switch ‘ON’ the main switch during operation.
                     Ensure that before operating FBD steam and air valve should be opened.

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