Thursday, December 2, 2010

Operation and Cleaning of Sifter.

1.0  Purpose         :  To provide a  documented procedure for operation, cleaning of Sifter.

2.0       Objective     :   To provide a guide line for safe operation, cleaning of Sifter.
3.0       Scope           :   This SOP is applicable for operation, cleaning of Sifter.

4.0       Responsibility     :

·            Primary: Production chemist.
·          Secondary : Production officer.

5.0    Procedure  :
·           Operation:
Ø      Ensure that sieve, gasket, S. S. clamps and scoops are cleaned.

Ø      Fix the required cleaned and intact sieve to the sifter .

Ø      Assemble the sifter properly with clamps.

Ø      Affix the product status label to the machine.

Ø      Keep cleaned HDPE containers below the discharge chute to the sifter lined with polyethylene bag.

Ø        Switch ‘ON’ the sifter and charge material to be sifted on sifter and collect the sifted material in HDPE container fitted below discharge chute.

Ø      After completion of sifting remove the sifted material container and close the polythene bag with nylon thread.

Ø      Loose the clamp and remove the sieve and check the integrity of sieve after sifting
Ø      Affix the label To Be Cleaned label to the machine.

·          Cleaning of  the Sifter   :

Ø       After completion of activity of  product, remove the all products container’s.

Ø             Before cleaning, remove the all detachable parts like S.S. sieves, S.S. rings,                       hopper etc.

Ø              Clean the above accessories with running potable water and then with methanol using nylon brush to remove the adhered material of previous product.

Ø            Wash the accessories with running potable water to remove the traces of material then finally rinse with purified water. and then after using methanol.
Ø             Clean the machine body, motor, guards, wheel etc with wet duster to remove the accumulated powder.

Ø             Ensure that machine body is visually cleaned.

Ø             Ensure that surrounding area is cleaned and free from previous product.

Ø            Ensure that machine accessories are dried, and then assemble all accessories like hopper, sieve, ring etc.

Ø            After affix the label CLEANED to the machine with proper details.

                           Ensure that machine is cleaned.
                           Ensure that side guards are fitted properly.
                           Wear the nose mask and hand gloves while working in manufacturing area.

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