Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Destruction of Control Sample

1.0        Purpose   :  To provide an instruction for the method of disposal of expired control sample of Finished products.

2.0        Objective :  To provide a documented procedure for the method of disposal of expired control sample of Finished products.

3.0        Scope     :      This procedure is applicable for disposal of control sample of Finished products in QC laboratory of ---Pharmaceuticals Ltd, 

4.0         Responsibility  :
·      Primary       : QC Chemist / QC Officer
·      Secondary   :  Manager- QC/ Manager- QA 

5.0       Procedure    :
·      After the expiry of Control sample of Finished Products collect all the samples and store separately.
·      Retain all the Control samples for five year and dispose it after the expiry for destruction.
·      The details of expired Control samples waiting for destruction should be entered in the Log book.
·      Once in a month, the concerned QC personnel check the expiry of the Control samples of product.
·      Control samples of finished product are removed from the bulk containers and disposed in

another container and destroyed by adding water.
·      Empty bottles and caps are crushed and sent to scrap yard.
6.0      Reference Document   :
v           Control Sample destruction logbook.


Product: __________             Product Code: __________               Year: _________

Sr No.

Batch No.

Date of Mfg.
Date of Exp.
Date of destruction


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