Thursday, December 2, 2010

Receipt of Raw Material from Stores to Production Department

1.0   Purpose       :        To provide a documented procedure for Receipt of R. M from stores.

2.0   Objective     :       To provide a guideline for receiving of RM from stores to production department.

3.0  Scope            :    Receipt of R.M. from stores to production department of -----pharmaceutical  Ltd, 

4.0 Responsibility  :
·         Primary  : Production chemist.
·           Secondary : Production Officer.

5.0 Procedure  :

·         Confirm the quantity received from stores to production against requisition issued
                   to stores.

·         Check the condition of received container of the material.

·         Check the passed green label on the container with A.R. No. / G.R.N. No./
            Product name/ quantity issued.

·         Check the weight, if any deviation found inform immediately to stores and ask to
      take corrective action & record.

·          Inform to plant manger for any deviation till exists.

A wait clearance of acceptance and plan for proceeding of a batch from plant manger

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