Monday, November 29, 2010

Cleaning of Quality Control Department

1.0         Purpose     :   To provide an instruction for cleaning of quality control department.

2.0         Objective  :     To provide a documented procedure of cleaning of quality control department.

3.0            Scope      :   This procedure is applicable for cleaning of quality control department at (Place).

4.0         Responsibility   :
·   Primary      : QC Chemist / QC-Officer
·    Secondary : Overall: QC – In charge

5.0       Procedure   :
·  Cleaning procedure.
Ø      Clean the floor with the help of a non-shredding broom.
Ø      Take a clean dry cloth & tap water in a plastic bucket & add the disinfectant and cleaning agent in the proportion prescribed.
Ø      Clean the floor by mopping with the disinfectant or cleaning agent solution as per schedule.
Ø      Clean the walls and doors by wet mopping and than dry mopping.
Ø      Clean the ceiling, tube-lights by dry mopping.
Ø      Clean the working tables after every analysis and at the end of every day by dry mopping.
Ø      Clean all the instruments with a dry cloth.
Ø      The cloth used for mopping should be cleaned with soap solution. After every use & rinsed free from disinfectant or cleaning agent & allowed to dry in air.
·        Cleaning schedule :
Ø      Floor: Twice a day
Ø      Walls and door: Weekly
Ø      Ceiling and tube lights: After 15 days
Ø      Working tables: Daily or as an when required
Ø      Instrument: Daily

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