Thursday, December 2, 2010

Operation and Cleaning of Glass Lined Reactor ( Capacity – 3KL )

1.0               Purpose     :     To provide a  documented procedure for operation and cleaning of   Glass Lined  Reactor                              

2.0             Objective  :     To provide a guide line  for safe operation and  cleaning  of  Glass Lined Reactor 

3.0               Scope          :   This SOP is applicable for operation and cleaning of  Glass Lined Reactor

4.0       Responsibility   :
·          Primary: Production chemist.
·          Secondary: Production officer.

5.0       Procedure:
·           Safety Precaution.
Ø             The area of operation should be well ventilated.
Ø             There should be no open flame in adjacent areas.
Ø             A continuous watch should be kept on reactions, which are 1) Exothermic, 2)     
                            involving highly reactive compounds etc.
Ø              If found necessary, concrete /steel barricades should be built around the                                                           apparatus.
Ø            The Reactor is manufactured out of glass, coated on Mild Steel.. Hence                  chemicals of corrosive nature with Glass should not be used in the apparatus.
·          Operation:
Ø            Opening the Reactor for charging / discharging:
Ø            The glass Lined reactor is in assembled condition with all accessories.
Ø            Open the manhole, first open the vent valve to release the internal pressure if any.
                                     Remove the nut/bolts of the manhole and slide to the side.
Ø            Check that the reactor is cleaned as per SOP. Charge the material in the Reactor. Solid Material to be charged from the manhole and liquid materials to be charged through charging line under negative pressure.

·                Closing the Reactor for operation:
Ø            Examine whether all fittings and body pickings are in good condition and correct
Ø            Place the manhole in right position after charging the material.
Ø            Tightened nut bolt by fix spanner only and never use a wrong spanner  otherwise
                             the nut/bolt will deform.
Ø             Now switch on the stirrer and stir the content as per requirement. To stop stirring push the RED button of the Main Switch and stirring stops.
·              Cleaning of  the Reactor:
Ø            Check that the Reactor is empty and bottom valve is closed.
Ø            Flush the Reactor with plenty of water so as to remove any adhering material.
Ø            If required use Scrapper to remove the adhering material. Scrap inner walls, Thermo well, Baffles etc.
Ø            Flush the reactor with plenty of water and open the bottom valve of the reactor and drain out water.
Ø            Close the bottom valve of the Reactor and charge Methanol, Make stirring ON and start heating, heat the content to reflux and reflux for 1hr. and distil out methanol about 40%.
Ø            Apply Cooling and cool the content to About 30ºC to 35ºC.
Ø             Unload the Solvent from the Reactor and Flush The Reactor with methanol,
Ø            Collect 250ml flushed methanol from Reactor and send to QC with Test Request to check absence of previous product on TLC.
Ø            If Result Complies, dry the Reactor by applying steam and vacuum in the Reactor for 30 min.
Ø            Update Status Board of the Equipment as CLEANED and update Equipment usage Log Book.
Ø            Method of cleaning and quantity of Methanol has given in Equipment cleaning record.
 6.0       Reference Document :
v     Equipment Cleaning Record, ECR (Format No. F/PR/001)
v     Equipment usage log book

                                       Equipment Cleaning Record                          Equipment ID.
Sr. No.
Stage No.
Batch No.
Done by
Checked by


 Format No. F/PR/002

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