Thursday, December 2, 2010

In–Process Quality Control Records

1.0      Purpose    :          To   provide a documented procedure for In–process Quality control  Records.

2.0     Objective  :         To provide a guide line for In–process Quality control  Records.

3.0       Scope       :        Procedure for In- process Quality control & Records.

4.0     Responsibility   :
·              Primary: Production chemist.
·              Secondary : Production Officer.

5.0      Procedure   :
·          Operation:
Ø      Start Batch as per BMR of the product to control the progress of reaction and follow In- process Quality control system norms and the procedure to be followed as under.

Ø      As per progress of the batch and after completion of mentioned time of the reaction, remove the sample and send to Q.C for analysis in cleaned bottle.

Ø      Fill the sample details of product name/ stage/ B. No./ reaction time and sampling equipment in specially designed form for IPQC test i.e. INPROCESS TEST information sheet Collect the result of IPQC sample with Document duly signed by Q.C. analysis.

Ø      Send the filled IPQC form to Q.C. department for immediate sample analysis.

Attach IPQC report with BMR and fill analysis report in BMR

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