Friday, December 17, 2010

Preparation Of Settle Plates

1.0              OBJECTIVE:

The objective of this SOP is:
1.1               To lay down a procedure for preparation of  plates that can be used as settling plates and in various microbiological analysis.

2.0              RESPONSIBILITY:

2.1               The Microbiologist shall be:
2.1.1          Responsible for preparation of settle plates , their pre incubation and related documentation. 

3.0              ACCOUNTABILITY:

Executive - Quality Control

4.0                PROCEDURE:

4.1                Media with the content of agar can be used for the preparation of settle plates like.
i)                    Soyabean Casein Digest Agar (SCDA) - For enumerating Bacteria and  Fungi ( required for Environmental monitoring and Microbial limit tests.)

ii)                   Sabarauds Dextrose Agar ( SDA ) – For estimation of fungi.( Required for Microbial limit tests. )

4.2                Prepare media as per SOP
4.3                Follow the gowning procedure and enter the M.L.T Room by following SOP.
4.4                Clean the LAF with 70% I.P.A and wait till drying .
4.5                Switch on LAF and UV lamp 15 min. before pouring the plates.
4.6                Open the containers containing sterile petri-dishes (That are previously sterilized by  Autoclaving ) and place on the working surface table of L.A.F.
4.7                Open the containers containing sterile petri-dishes and place them on the working table of LAF.
4.8                Take out the cotton plug of conical flask containing agar medium .
4.9                Sterilize the mouth of the conical flask by flaming it and start pouring about 20-25 ml of medium to each petri-dish  quickly .
4.10            Cover the plates and keep under LAF , till they are solidified.
4.11            After getting solidified, preincubate the plates to the incubator at 30-35°C for 48 hrs to check any accidental contamination.
4.12            Check each and every plate under colony counter before exposure to the environment for monitoring.
4.13            Record the activity in  Media preparation record.
MCA Orange Guideline 1997.

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