Friday, December 17, 2010

Operation and cleaning of moist heat sterilizer.

1.0       OBJECTIVE

To lay down a procedure for operation and cleaning of autoclave

            Microbiologist./ Q.C Executive

            Head - Quality Control 

4.0               PROCEDURE

4.1        :    PRE-START UP

4.1.1     :   Ensure the cleanliness of the room and machine.
 4.1.2    :    Ensure that all utilities such as pure steam, water, power  etc are available.
 4.1.3    :    Check that material are ready for auto clave and Load the autoclave as per load pattern                   
                given in Annexure-1 along with the necessary temperature indicators. 
 4.1.4    :     Ensure AHU of area is working.
 4.1.5    :    Inside door of the autoclave is closed properly.

4.2       :    START UP

4.2.1    :   Open pure steam valve from service floor.
 4.2.2     :   Open main valve of steam line .
 4.2.3     :   Open steam by-pass valve for condense out let.
 4.2.4     :   Close steam by pass valve after completely out let of condensate
 4.2.5     :   Open main valve on steam line connecting to chamber.
 4.2.6     :   Open the valve before trap on steam line.
 4.2.7     :   Close the door of the autoclave tightly
4.2.8     :   ON machine by pressing green color OFF/ON switch on loading side panel to start the           
                sterilization cycle.
4.2.9          :    Press the F1 button of the PLC of autoclave after getting auto mode indicated by a red
4.2.10   :    Press F3 for cycle selection , select the cycle and press enter. selection of auto mode.
4.2.11   :    Then press start button
4.2.12   :    Close the outlet of jacket and chamber steam.
4.2.13   :     When  the PLC of autoclave shows sterilization  cycle complete switch off the autoclave                  
                  and open the outlet of chamber and steam.
4.2.14 :     After each day of working clean ( by moping) the autoclave with disinfectant solution.

4.3       :           SHUT DOWN.

4.3.1        :        At the end of cycle, Unload the sterilized material from sterile side
4.3.2      :          Check the change in  steam clox  indicator. It should change as per Manufacturer instructions.
4.3.3      :          Attach steam-clox in media preparation record and note down operation.

5.0        :          Cleaning :

5.1        :          Pre checks.

5.1.1     :           Ensure that loading door is open and door to sterile side is closed.
5.1.2     :           Ensure that autoclave panel electrical supply cut off.
5.1.3     :           Ensure that no material is present inside the autoclave.
5.1.4     :           Ensure that outer surface of autoclave is cool and is at room temperature
5.1.5     :           Ensure that all utility supply links  to the autoclave are closed.

5.2         :          Daily cleaning :  At the end of shift.

5.2.1       :         Clean the utility inlet holes with a nylon brush and them mop with lint free cloth.
5.2.2       :         Mope the chamber, probes, loading trolley & outer surface of autoclave with lint free
                       cloth dipped in purified water.
5.2.3       :         Mope the autoclave chamber and loading trolley with water for injection.
5.2.4       :         Wipe the chamber, probes, utility pendants and  outer surface of the autoclave with lint
                        free cloth.

6.0           :       Precaution :

6.1           :        Jacket pressure should not be less than 1.2 kg per cm square.

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