Thursday, December 16, 2010

Code Numbering System For Packaging Material Item

1.0              OBJECTIVE:

1.1               The objective of this SOP is:
1.1.1          To lay down a procedure for code numbering system of packaging material item.

2.0              RESPONSIBILITY:
2.1               Executive / Chemist  QC  - Packaging shall be:
2.1.1          Responsible for giving the item code number for Packaging Material item as per numbering system.

3.0              ACCOUNTABILITY:
Executive – Quality Control.
4.0              PROCEDURE: 
4.1               The packaging material code number shall be of 6 characters and alpha Numeric by nature.
4.2               The first Two characters shall be alphanumeric by nature with first character shall be “P”, Stands for packaging material followed by specific alphabets which represents a subclass of packaging material, as follows.
4.2.1          A         :   Stands for glass ampoules
4.2.2          B          :   Stands for Glass bottles.
4.2.3          C          :   Stands for Cartons
4.2.4          F          :   Stands for  Aluminum / Blister foils.
4.2.5          G          :   Stands for  PVC, PVC/ PVDC films.
4.2.6          I           :   Stands for  Vials.
4.2.7          L          :   Stands for Labels.
4.2.8          M         : Stands for Miscellaneous Packing Materials (Not falling the listed                           Classification.   
4.2.9          N         :   Stands for plastic items.
4.2.10      P          :   Stands for Pilfer Proof Caps
4.2.11      R          :   Stands for  Rubber Plugs.
4.2.12      S          :   Stands for  tear off / flip off Seals used for Vials.
4.2.13      T          :   Stands for Printed Literature.
4.2.14      V         :   Stands for  Catch Cover / Catch Box.
4.2.15      X          :   Stands for Corrugated Shipper.   
4.3       The last foure character shall be Serial No.
4.4       The total Printed  item code are as follows:
              4.4.1  Printed Cartons                          :  PC7501 TO PC8000.
 4.4.2  Printed foil                                  :  PF7501 TO PF8000.
 4.4.3  Printed Labels                             :  PL7501 TO PL8000.
 4.4.4  Printed Catch Cover/Catch Box   :  PV 7501 TO PV 8000   

4.3               The item code for Non-printed Packing Materials shall be taken from QA–Department, Taloja.
The item code shall be recorded and maintained in a logbook

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