Friday, December 17, 2010

Depyrogenation Of Apparatus


Ø      Lab apparatus used for LAL testing or sterile material sampling should be cleaned and thoroughly rinsed with distilled water. Thereafter dried and wrapped in double aluminum foil.
Ø      Set the hot air oven at 250°C , wait till the temperature reaches up to the set temperature.
Ø      After reaching the set temperature keep the aluminum foil wrapped apparatus inside the oven for not less than one hour.                                   
Ø      After completion of depyrogenation cycle , switch off the power supply and allow the oven temperature to reach  room temperature and then take out the apparatus carefully.
Note down the date , time , name of apparatus , done by and checked by in the format given in Annexure -1

De-Pyrogenation of Apparatus

Operation time
Holding time/
Item sterilized
From: hrs.
To:  hrs

60 min / 250 °C
Sampling bottles, Glass-petri plates,Test-tubes for testing BET,Spatula,Forceps,Scissor,Vial opener

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