Thursday, December 16, 2010

Operati0n Of Leak Test Apparatus

Operati0n  Of  Leak Test Apparatus


·                 Ensure that the chamber contains water upto the desired level
·                 Clean the perforated plate before use.
·                 Put the strips / blisters (PVC/AL/ALU-ALU) / Bottles / Vials in the chamber and place the plate over the Strips / blisters / bottles / vials. Ensure that the blisters / strips / bottles  /vials are completely dipped in  water.(Strips / blisters are to be taken as per the sealing roller and as per sealing heads; but not less than 02 bottles/vials)
·                 Switch ON the instrument by pressing the Red Switch.
·                 Set the  vacuum to 15inch / Hg. By controlling pump timer for 2 minutes.
·                 After getting the vacuum close the Red T valve provided on cover of the jar.
·                 Switch OFF the instrument by pressing Red Switch.
·                 Hold the vacuum for 3 minutes.
·                 Release the vacuum slowly by using Red T valve  provided on cover of the chamber.
·                 Take out the strips and wipe off. Follow the same procedure for bottles / vials.
·                 Carefully observe any leakage by defoiling of strips / opening of bottles / vials.
·                 Discard the tablets / capsules / powder / solution of the tested strips /blisters /bottles /vials in the wet bin  containing water.
·                 ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA : - NIL - None of the pockets / container showing leakage shall be   accepted   (for all the strips, blisters / Alu-Alu / bottles / vials.)

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