Friday, December 17, 2010

Operation And Cleaning Of Laminar Bench

1.0       OBJECTIVE

            To lay down a procedure for operation and cleaning of Laminar bench.




4.0        PROCEDURE
4.1      Introduction :
4.1.1     Laminar  flow clean air work station is device which  provides  a total  sweep  of a confined area because the entire body  of  air moves  with  uniform velocity along parallel  lines,  originating through a HEPA filter occupying one entire side of the  confined area.  Therefore, it bathes the entire area with very clean  air, sweeping away contaminants. Laminar-flow provide  well-controlled work areas only if proper precautions are observed.

4.2         Working :
4.2.1          Enter the sterility testing room/aseptic zone with proper gowning procedure.

4.2.2          Clean the LAF with IPA 70% solution daily before operation and after day's working.

4.2.3          Check the electric connection before starting the work.

4.2.4          Note the manometer reading. It should be zero if required set at 'zero'.

4.2.5     Switch ON the LAF unit and also the lights
4.2.6          Check the manometer reading (It should be between 10-15min.)

4.2.7          Switch ON the L.A.F. 1/2 hr. before sterility testing /aseptic operation.

4.2.9     The Pre-filter should be cleaned every 3 months

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