Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pest and Rodent Control

0     Purpose     :      To provide a written procedure for Pest and Rodent control.

2.0     Objective   :     To Provide Documented Procedure for Pest and Rodent control.          

3.0     Scope         :      This procedure is applicable to Control of Pest and Rodents in the plant.

4.0     Responsibility    :
·        Primary: Officer – House keeping supervisor
·        Secondary: Officer – QA / Officer-Store
5.0      Procedure   :
·        House Pest Management:
Ø      This treatment is for the management of cockroaches and other pests such as silver fish, red and black ants.
Ø      This treatment mainly comprise of a through insecticidal spray in all the nooks and corners of the entire premises and other vulnerable places harboring cockroaches and other insects.
Ø      The treatment is based on the use of gel bait i.e. Goliath Gel and water based Deltamethrin, Cyfluthrin done by authorized PCA person only.
·        Rodent Control:
Ø      This treatment is for the management of rodent’s i.e. rats, mice, etc in the Plant ground floor, First floor and in Quality control department.
Roda boxes are kept around the periphery of the main building and utility block with bromodioline 0.005% as bait. Our policy is to carry out cleaning after the end of each process, so that the equipment is clean and ready for the next use.
Ø      Roda boxes should not be used inside the building. Rodent bait is used only on the exteriors of buildings and that in PCA’s tamper proof bait stations units.
Ø      For indoor control of rats and mice, Gum Glue board traps are used.
Ø      No food or poison baits are used and the catch can be disposed off without the dead mouse or rat causing odor / contamination problems from in accessible production areas.
Ø      The placement of the glue boards will be along the walls in all areas close to doors and other openings into an area.

·        Intelligent Fly Management:
Ø      This treatment is for the management of flies i.e. house flies, flesh flies and gnat house flies.
Ø      Space sprays i.e. beta -Cyfluthrin as water base will be applied outdoors with a help of 5 liter capacity hand compression sprayer.
Ø      Insect light traps are installed inside the premises depending upon the requirement.
·        Barrier Treatment:
Ø      This treatment is intended for crawling pests such as ants (red & black), millipedes, centipedes which come crawling from outside the premises.
Ø      Prophylactic treatment is recommended and only for external periphery of all premises at each location.
Ø      The through runoff spray of 10% cyfluthrin will cover a band of 2 meters i.e. one meter wide floor and one meter high wall sides done by  PCI persons only.
ü      Allow only the authorized person to carry out pest control activity recommended by Pest Control Agency.
ü      While involving in spraying activity wear nose mask and surgical hand gloves to avoid contamination and inhalation.

6.0          Reference Document  :    Not applicable

7.0          Abbreviations  :
·                PCA: Pest Control Agency
8.0          Copies to  Distribution Sites :
·        QA  
·        House Keeping 


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