Friday, November 26, 2010

Cleaning of Sampling tools.

1.0         Purpose      :         To provide an instruction for cleaning of sampling tools.

2.0         Objective    :        To provide a documented procedure for cleaning of sampling tools.

3.0          Scope       :     This procedure is applicable for cleaning of sampling tools in QC Department of---- Pharmaceutical. Ltd, Ankleshwar.

4.0         Responsibility    :
·              Primary      : QC Chemist / QC Officer
·              Secondary :   Overall: QC – Incharge

5.0       Procedure       :
·              After sampling of raw materials / finished products, keep used tools in poly bag.
·              Affix the label “TO BE CLEANED’ on poly bag.
·              Bring the un-cleaned tools to QC department for cleaning.
·              Remove tools from the bag and clean with water.
·              Ensure that there is no adhered material on the tool.
·          If required use suitable solvent for the cleaning of tools, then thoroughly wash with  
·      Dry the sampling tools.
·      Place the tools in to new poly bag.
·      Affix the label  “CLEANED” on poly bag.
·      Keep the cleaned sampling tools at its respective place. 

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