Friday, November 26, 2010

Opening and Closing of QC department

1.0    Purpose      :    To provide an instruction for opening and closing of QC department.

2.0 Objective      :  To provide a documented procedure for opening and closing of QC department.

  3.0   Scope        :   This procedure is applicable for opening and closing of QC department of -----.
          pharmaceutical. Ltd, 
4.0   Responsibility   :
·             Primary  :  QC Chemist / QC Officer
·             Secondary :    Overall: QC – Incharge

5.0    Procedure     :
·             Opening Procedure.
Ø      Check the lock of main door of the department. It should be locked, if the door is not locked  inform to Security department.
Ø      Open the lock of Main door.
Ø      Check for obnoxious smell or odour and ensure the absence of odour or smell.
Ø      Switch ON the departmental lights.
Ø      Before switching ON the precise testing equipment ensure that the voltage stabilizer through which power supply is made to such equipment is under operation. 

·             Closing Procedure.
Ø      All the instruments except automatic instrument on which program is going on are switched “off”.
Ø      Gas supply stations and cylinders are turned “off”.
Ø      Water supply is put “off”.
Ø      Fill the water supply tank of stability chambers with DM water.
Ø      Containers of all volatile and fuming liquids are properly closed.
Ø      Record room is locked.
Ø      Switch “off” the lights and air conditioner.
Ø      The department entrance door is locked.
Ø      Hand over the key of main door to security department.

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