Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Instructions for Return Goods.

1.0         Purpose              :         To provide instructions for return goods.

2.0       Objective        :     To provide a documented procedure for handling of return goods. When returned goods are received at site the decision regarding its re-labeling, resale, recovery or destruction must be taken only after they have been critically assessed by the quality control Dept. in accordance with a written procedure.

3.0              Scope            :           This procedure is applicable for handling of return goods.

4.0         Responsibility  :
·        Primary: Officer–QA / Officer–QC
·        Secondary: Officer-QA 

5.0       Procedure :
·          Possible Return of goods from buyer.
Ø      Buyer wants changes in secondary packing material 
Ø      Cancellation of contract
Ø      Natural calamity
Ø      Buyer founds that goods does not meets their requirement.
·        Buyer wants changes in secondary packing material
Ø      Forward the Information about the changes to Marketing department, in case buyer wants changes in secondary packing material.
Ø      Intimate to production department in writing about the changes.
Ø      After receiving the goods back, store intimates to production and QA for receipt of return goods.
Ø      Issues a written intimation to stores to send back returned material to production for repacking.
Ø      Production request for packing material and repack the return goods as intimated by QA.
Ø      Production sends the sample of repacked goods to Quality Control for Approval.
Ø      Quality control tests the Finished goods and approve the batch if found O.K.
Ø      After getting approval from QC, Production returns repacked goods to stores.
Ø      Store coordinates with marketing department for the dispatch of goods.
·          Cancellation of contract
Ø      Once the goods are returned, stores arrange them in a lot and affix the label as returned goods.
Ø      Store coordinates with marketing department for possibility of sale to another buyer / export to other country.
·          Natural calamity
Ø      In case goods are returned because of natural calamity, store stack the Returned goods separately and affix the consignee label.
Ø      Store coordinates with marketing department for possibility of export.
Ø      On intimation from marketing department for the dispatch, store coordinates with QA for final dispatch advice.
·          Buyer found that goods does not meets their requirement
Ø      On receipt of returned goods, Carry out detailed study and confirms that the complaint is genuine or not. Perform the complaint analysis as per SOP for Product Complaint.
Ø      Study includes vigorous checking of Quality parameters with specification and verifies the status of Batch as Approved or Rejected.
Ø      If Batch is approved, based on the findings, coordinate with marketing for the next step.

6.0      Reference Document :      Not applicable

7.0      Abbreviations :
·        QA   = Quality Assurance department
·        SOP = Standard Operating Procedure
·        QC = Quality Control

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