Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Instruction for QC In-Charge for Routine Checking

1.0        Purpose       : To provide an instruction for QC In-charge.

2.0       Objective   : To provide a documented procedure for QC In-charge for routine checking in QC department.

3.0        Scope       :    This procedure is applicable for QC In-charge for routine checking in QC department.

.Responsibility  :

·        Primary: Officer–QA / Officer–QC
·        Secondary: Manager-QA/ Manager- QC

4.0       Procedure :
·          QC In-charge should routinely check following documents:
Ø      Calibration of instruments with schedule.
Ø      Reagents & solutions are at their place.
Ø      No expired reagents & solution are there.
Ø      No solutions are there without label.
Ø      The moralities of the solutions are recorded in time.
Ø      Entries are entered into respective registers / log book.
Ø      Check the data available of the temp & humidity of stability Chamber.
Ø      Check the entries in the worksheet.
Ø      Check the prepared C.O.A. against specification & Log Book.

Ø      Check the records of routine monitoring of water.
Ø      Check inward register for sampling.
Ø      Status of release of products.
Ø      Approval of QC reports.

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