Friday, December 24, 2010

Process Flow-Sheet of QA Person

Process Flow-Sheet of QA Person 

Stage.1: BMR & R. M requisition issue by Quality Assurance (QA).

Stage.2: Indent of R. M. & P.M. Requisitions by Production as per BMR.

Stage.3: Requisition checking & stamping the BMR by Quality Assurance (QA).

Stage.4: Dispensing of Raw & Packing Materials in presence of Production, QA & Store person.

Stage.5:  (After Issuing) Verification of Raw & Packing Materials by Production person.

Stage.6: Equipment & Area Clearance by QA.

Stage 7: Preparation of Bulk in process (Intermediate)

Stage.8 : Centrifuge & Drying. 

Stage.9. Milling of oversized granules if required.

Stage.10: Intermediate granules Sampling, Testing and Release by Quality Control (QC).

Stage.11: After Testing and Release of  bulk or in process by Quality Control (QC),

Stage.12: QA in process Checking. bulk Wt variation, etc.

                                                   Stage  13  Wet product Drying ,after  Milling and sifter

Stage.14: Line Clearance by QA for Packing Activity.

Stage.15: Overprinting & approval of Primary & Secondary Packing Materials.

Stage.16: Final Packing.

Stage.17: Collecting the retain samples by Q. C.

Stage.18: Finished product Sampling, Testing and Release of Finish Product by Quality Control (QC).

Stage19: Finished Product Transfer slip issued by approved chemist to Bonded Store Room. (BSR) / Finished Goods Store (FGS).

Stage.20: F. P. Inspection & release By Q. A.

Stage.21: Dispatch of F. P.

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