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Cleaning Of Laboratory Glassware

Cleaning Of Laboratory Glassware 


            4.1 Cleaning of General Glassware


4.1.1 Dip the used  glassware in a basin of water containing detergent. 

            4.1.2 Brush each item thoroughly, to remove stains and or grease. 

            4.1.3 Rinse thoroughly with RO water.

            4.1.4 Final rinsing given with purified water.

            4.1.5 Dry in an oven and store in designated areas.


4.2  Microbiological  Glassware

4.2.1 Follow step No. 4.1.1 to 4.1.3

4.2.2 Final rinsing given with water for Injection.

4.2.3 Glass ware used for Sterility / Endotoxin purposes must be sterilized / depyroginated for 30 minutes at 250º C .

4.2.4Glass ware used for microbiological analysis etc. must be sterilized by heating for 30 minutes at 120º C .
4.3 New Glassware

4.3.1 After routine cleaning treat for 24 hours with 5 % solution of sodium carbonate followed by soaking in hydrochloric acid for 24 hours. Wash thoroughly with R.O water & final rinsing is given with purified water.

4.4 Greasy Glassware

4.4.1Treat with 5% sodium carbonate solution or few ml of acetone or chromic acid solution.


4.5.1 While preparation of chromic acid solution ensure that must wear  gloves and goggles.

            4.5.2 Chromic acid solution is extremely corrosive and hygroscopic and should be Stored in a glass -     
            stoppered bottle in a safe place.

            4.5.3When the mixture acquires a green colour , discard under continuously flowing water.

* Preparation Of Chromic Acid Solution

Dissolved 100 gm of sodium dichromate in 50 ml water, add slowly with constant stirring 750 ml of  sulphuric acid . Allow to cool.

4.6 Glassware With Adhering Precipitate

4.6.1Use nitric acid, aquaregia or fuming sulphuric acid .


4.7.1    These materials are extremely corrosive. Wear gloves and goggles when using. 


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