Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Manufacturing Practices.

1.0      Purpose   :     To provide instruction good manufacturing practices.

2.0         Objective  :   To provide a documented procedure for good manufacturing practices.

3.0           Scope      :     This procedure is applicable for good manufacturing practices follow.

4.0         Responsibility   :
·        Primary    : Chemist, Officer of respective department.
·        Overall  Responsibility  :  Respective department Head.

5.0       Procedure:
·        Proper labeling for the containers is required to avoid the contamination and accident during Manufacturing.
·        Struck off the labels immediately of used containers.
·        Left  over  materials  should  returned  to  stores  with  appropriately  labeled  and  should  have  QC  approved  label.
·        The  disposal  of  waste  material  should  be  carefully  and  responsibly  undertaken
·        Keep  the  area  clean
·        Awareness  of  the  safety  precautions  to  each  employee
·        Proper  training  about  safety  should  be  given  to  all  employee
·        Information and  training  should  be  provided  about  hazard ness  and  risk  factor  about  chemicals   and  solvents.
·        Handling  of  manufacturing  equipment, safety  equipment and  any  other  tools  should   known  and  practices   by  each  person.
·        Importance  of  personal  hygiene ,cleanliness   should  understand  to  all  employee  who  are  involved  in  manufacturing, and  testing  process.

6.0      Reference Document   :   Not applicable

7.0      Abbreviations   :
·        QA   = Quality Assurance department
·        SOP = Standard Operating Procedure

8.0      Copies to Distribution Sites:
·        QA –Ankleshwar
·        QC- Ankleshwar
·        Production – Ankleshwar

9.0   Review History   :

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