Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Documentation Practices.

1.0 Purpose : To provide instruction good documentation practices.

2.0 Objective : To provide a documented procedure for good documentation practices.

3.0 Scope : This procedure is applicable for good documentation practices follow.

4.0 Responsibility :
• Primary: Chemist/ Officer of respective department.
• Overall: Respective department Head.
5.0 Procedure:
• All information related to activities should be recorded clearly and easy to read.
• Abbreviated date should be recorded by Day/Month /Year.
• All documents should be made in black ball pen / ink pen only.
• Data should be specific and as far as possible numerical value.
• Scrap paper should not be used for recording the data.
• Document should be made online.
• If any error is found immediately after recording the data, cross out incorrect information with a single line and not by using erasable pens or Corrective fluids. Enter correct data, sign and date near correction.
• Information should be recorded on proper forms, laboratory notebooks, cleaning records, immediately after actions are completed. Entries of signatures or initials and dates must be made at the same time.
• Overwrite should not acceptable in any documents.

6.0 Reference Document : Not applicable

7.0 Abbreviations :
• QA = Quality Assurance department
• SOP = Standard Operating Procedure

8.0 Copies to Distribution Sites :
• QA
• QC
• Stores
• Production
• Engineering
• Personnel & Administration
9.0 Review History :

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